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     In the darkness ahead, strange noises, squeaks like fingers sliding on a steel guitar—times a thousand—cut through a fluttery sound. Beating wings.     Crud. Rhonda threw her arms over her head and ducked. “Bats!”     Selena screamed.     The shrillness ricocheted off the walls and assaulted Rhonda’s ears. “Get down.” Didn’t they know bats moving in a group couldn’t use their natural navigation? “And turn off … Read More


Leaders of the 7th Grade RevolutionMeet the Main Characters“Full of action and suspense, each character is well developed and created with a unique personality. Dennis’ streetwise nature coupled with Rhonda’s intelligence and sensitivity makes for a great team … Spencer is a fantastic cheeky character … The whole cat and mouse element of the plot keeps the story moving at … Read More

Praise for 7th Grade Revolution

Praise for 7th Grade Revolution”Reminiscent of a modern day Goonies.” ~Goodreads“Combine a detective mystery, blend in history from Colonial America, and include the usual 7th grade school angst and what do you have? 7th Grade Revolution, a genre-defying story that revolves around 7th graders who stage a successful school revolt that ejects adult guidance, only to stumble into a treasure … Read More


  These are the actual @7thGradeRevolt tweets from the NC classroom exercise.@7thGradeRevoltRebellion is brewing! @7thGradeRevoltBristol is uninterested in revolution The school dog @7thGradeRevoltTeachers are informed of revolt! @7thGradeRevoltGuidelines for the revolution. Kids begin deliberation at 1:30 @7thGradeRevoltStudents insist…What are the rules??? @7thGradeRevoltStudents see twitter feed. @7thGradeRevoltGirls form a circle and use rainstick. All is quiet. One at a time. #7thGradeRevoltIt begins… … Read More

7th Grade Revolution

MEDIA KITWHEN UNEARTHING A NATIONAL TREASURE BECOMES A NATIONAL INCIDENT …Inspired by True Events (Read Here)Dennis Alexander: Washington Academy Middle School promises to be another in the long line of boring schools he has been expelled from. Rhonda Snodgrass: Although trained from childhood in survival tactics, she tries to stay off the radar of the “cool” kids who think she’s … Read More