Leaders of the 7th Grade Revolution


Meet the Main Characters

Agent Caldwell—The FBI agent in charge, tasked with retrieving an artifact of national importance from Washington Academy, underestimates the students and gets more than he bargains for.
Dennis Alexander—Having been expelled from several schools, Dennis must toe the line at Washington Academy, or his next stop will be military school. He’ll also have to overcome his fear of darkness—a symptom of being locked in a closet by his long-gone mother—to help lead the seventh grade and save the school.
Rhonda Snodgrass—The daughter of a prepper who is a member of the Zombie Survival Crew, Rhonda is trained in survival tactics, though she’s treated like an outsider by her classmates. But when the rest of the school is evacuated, she must solve the mystery to defeat the FBI.
Maddie Harper—Popular but kind, Maddie takes control when the “revolution” is part of a classroom exercise, but when it becomes a reality, she leaves the decision making to Dennis and Rhonda.
Curtis Vanhouten—He proves he’s more than the typical jock when he gets his classmates in line and supports Rhonda’s plan to find the treasure.
James Marshall—Though nominated to lead a team, James is unwilling to participate in the class project to spite his mother’s political aspirations for him. But he’s ready to fight for the school when the FBI steps in and things get real.
Selena Sanchez— She never met a mall she didn’t like, but when the stakes are raised, Selena is willing to sacrifice fashion for the cause.
Brooke Foxworthy— Putting her social media skills to good use, Brooke gets the school trending on QuackerMe to help thwart the FBI’s secret mission and stall for time.
Spencer Jackson—He is the class clown, but Spencer gets serious when the FBI threatens to shut down the school and the students know they’re up to no good.
Ellen Chandler—The ultimate goody two-shoes, Ellen surprises everyone when she volunteers to make gadgets to foil the FBI.

“Full of action and suspense, each character is well developed and created with a unique personality. Dennis’ streetwise nature coupled with Rhonda’s intelligence and sensitivity makes for a great team … Spencer is a fantastic cheeky character … The whole cat and mouse element of the plot keeps the story moving at a fast pace as the FBI is closing in. This is a great adventure that will keep your attention until the very last page.”
~Lesley Jones, Readers' Favorite