The Main Characters

Dennis Alexander—Having been expelled from several schools, Dennis must stick with Washington Academy or his next stop will be military school. He must overcome his fear of darkness, a legacy from being locked in a closet by his long-gone mother, to help lead the seventh grade to victory.

Rhonda Snodgrass—The butt of many jokes, Rhonda keeps to herself, and cherishes her crush on Curtis, hoping he one day sees her as more than a friend. She discovers her leadership abilities when her classmates look to her for answers, and fears she will have to give up on the brink of success.

Maddie Harper—While the revolution is part of a classroom experience, Maddie takes control, but when the revolution turns real, she leaves the decision making to others.

Curtis Vanhouten—Proves he is more than the typical jock when he supports Rhonda’s ideas to find the treasure.

James Marshall—Unwilling to participate as a leader in the classroom revolution to spite his mother’s political aspirations for him, James is ready to fight for the cause when the FBI steps in.

Selena Woodham—She never met a mall she doesn’t like, but when the stakes are raised, Selena is willing to sacrifice fashion for answers.

Brooke Foxworthy—Putting her social talents to good use, Brooke gets the school trending on QuackerMe to help neutralize the FBI.

Spencer Jackson—Rhonda’s nemesis and class clown. He only gets serious when the FBI threatens to close the school for good.

Trent Eckles—His hopes of finding the treasure are dashed when he slips on the secret staircase and sprains his ankle.

Ellen Chandler—The ultimate goody-two-shoes, Ellen surprises everyone when she volunteers to make weapons to stop the FBI.