Juvenile Fiction Books by Liana Gardner

Juvenile fiction readers are near and dear to Liana Gardner's heart. The journey of self-discovery, learning who you are and who you want to be, is a difficult one fraught with emotional peaks and valleys. Casting behind childhood and looking toward adulthood, and yet being caught somewhere in the middle, trying to expand horizons and gain confidence in self. Liana's work in the younger spectrum of juvenile fiction touches on fitting in, standing out, relationships, bullies, divorce, loss, and more, overlaid with humor, and sometimes a smidge of magic. Gardner's older juvenile work tends to focus on the darker, more emotional sides of life. In these books she explores, death, grief, heartbreak, abuse, underage drinking, bullying, suicide, rape, censorship, and more. All things encountered by tweens and teens as they navigate their way toward adulthood.


When Unearthing a National Treasure Becomes a National Incident

When the seventh graders of Washington Academy take over their school after a bloodless revolution, the class of rebels, nerds, and misfits must use their wits, skills, and history knowledge to unearth a hidden treasure and fend off the FBI before it’s too late.

Inspired by true events


“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~Voltaire

When a twelve-year-old girl receives a magic journal that gives her the power to make her dreams come true, she soon learns that every wish has a price and some things are better left unchanged. After a bully steals it, she fears the last entry will ruin her life, unless she can get it back.


Katie McCabe has a rebellious spirit.

But the fish out of water thirteen-year-old struggles after the sudden death of her father and being sent to live in a strange town. Following a conflict with the son of a powerful man who has ties to her family’s past, Katie thinks it can’t get worse—until she’s blindfolded and slung across the back of a horse. Dumped in the middle of the wilderness in an oncoming storm, she is left to find her way home. But how will she survive?

Rain Falling on Embers is the first book in the Katie McCabe Series.


A gripping tale of secrets,
legends, and destiny.

Five homeless kids struggle to survive the streets of Los Angeles and wind up as key players in a battle against mythological creatures to break a curse that will restore a fallen star and give humanity a second chance.

The Secret of the Red Key is the first book in the The Homeless Myths Series and is the current work in progress.


Bram Stoker Awards® Nominee

What if every time you told the truth, evil followed?

The daughter of Appalachian snake handlers becomes a ward of the state after her eerie “gift” causes a tragedy that leaves her orphaned.