The McCabe Family

Meet the Characters in the 5-Book Katie McCabe Series

The main characters in Book 1 (Rain Falling on Embers) and Book 2 (South of Happy)

Katie McCabe—A fish out of water thirteen-year-old, Katie McCabe has a rebellious spirit and struggles after the sudden death of her father when she’s sent to live in a strange town. Little does she know, things are about to get worse.
Ron McCabe—Single parent, Katie’s father, sheriff, and the youngest of seven brothers, the hardest decision Ron ever had to make was to send Katie to live with his brother Charlie.
Sarah McCabe—Uncle Charlie took Sarah in when her parent's store failed, and they started afresh in another state. Knowing how it feels, she helps Katie deal with all the changes in her life.
Charlie McCabe: The eldest McCabe brother, Charlie owns a construction company and a small farm. Although strict and old-fashioned, Katie sees her uncle’s softer side when she needs it most.
Matthew McCabe—Quiet and hardworking like his dad Charlie, and more serious than his brother Mark, Matthew is always there when the girls need him.
Mark McCabe—Though he loves to tease her, Katie senses Mark has a kindred rebel spirit, and he’s ready to do battle when someone does her harm.
Tom Wolff—Katie’s best friend and partner in crime. Devastated when Katie moves away, Tom’s first thought is to find her when he lands in a spot of trouble.
Jim Baines—A police deputy and Sarah’s boyfriend, Jim catches Katie breaking the law and takes her home to face the consequences.
Denton Dunn, Jr.—The town bully, Denton doesn’t believe the rules apply to him and takes pleasure in tormenting Katie, leading to a revenge cycle between them.
Emma Carter—The only person who can stand Denton’s presence for any length of time. When Logan shows interest in Katie, Emma conspires with Denton to frame Katie for something she didn’t do.
DL Dunn—He owns the bank and most of the businesses in town and his son doesn’t let anyone forget it. DL isn't above using threats to get what he wants.
Harriet Dunn— Sarah’s friend and employer, Harriet owns a gift shop downtown. She and Sarah fall out when Harriet refuses to believe her son guilty of any wrongdoing.
Rusty Leonetti—Former bad boy and Sarah’s high school sweetheart, Rusty returns to his hometown as a marine recruiter and reformed man. Will the flame he had with Sarah be rekindled?
Mike Bukowski—Logan’s teammate and best friend, Mike is jealous when Katie capture’s Logan’s attention—that is, until he and Cassie start dating.
Cassie Kendall—Living at the center of her own universe, Cassie makes Katie’s popularity her pet project. But is it because she wants to steal Katie’s boyfriend?

Additional Characters from Books 3 & 4 (Going Up in Flames & Down to Mercy)

Sunny Li—Katie tires of Sunny picking on her, until they put their differences aside for a cause—one that brings nothing but trouble.
Becca Madison—The school librarian and Katie’s confidant. When Mark starts flirting with Becca, Katie isn’t pleased.
Ricky Contreras—Having left school early, Ricky works in road construction to help pay for an operation for his little sister. When Katie has no place to stay, he hides her in the playhouse in the backyard until he can convince her to go home.
Adriana Contreras: Confined to a wheelchair, Adriana doesn’t let that stop her from dreaming of the future. She confides in Katie her greatest wish—one Katie is determined to make come true.
Janie (Jane Doe)—Pastor Dave found her unconscious in an alley and rescued Janie only to find she has no memory of her past. When Katie arrives, Janie is excited to show her the town no one else knows.
Pastor Dave—Ex-Football player turned preacher, Pastor Dave gives Katie work around the church, all the while telling her she should go back home.
Arlene—Running a diner close to the bus stop, Arlene sees runaways come and go. After the death of her son, she doubles down on helping them get off the street with a healthy dose of homespun wisdom.
Sal—A blind artist who is rendered homeless after her nephew steals everything she has, Sal relishes the moments when Janie comes to visit.