Q8 Talk about the role of the teachers . . .
  • BM - They could have done a lot more!
  • SDM - What if they had locked themselves in the office and not come out?! They were there.
  • SA - Seeing the teachers in the room helped keep some people from screaming
  • BH - When the media (teachers) were there, we asked them to tweet our ideas because we wanted our idea to be heard!
  • JK - If the teachers had made us focus, it would have been different
  • SA - Without them stepping in, we had to figure it out for ourselves. It was "OUR" project!
  • BM - I think that we could have had a little more freedom today (the boys)
  • Students felt like the teachers "streched" the new guidelines and didn't give them the freedom that they expected.
  • "They found "loopholes" like a lawyer!