Q5: What is the difference between chaos with direction/purpose and chaos without purpose/direction?
  • Protesters were protesting because they wanted something
  • OH "In the beginning, the protesters wanted something, but then it progressed to throwing paper and yelling for no clear reason"
  • JS "They were protesting for something and kept going with that same purpose"
  • LH "JS was protesting because he wanted gum and he kept his purpose"
  • AB "There was chaos with a purpose because they were trying to drown our the other voices"
  • OH "There was a more productive way to get attention" (other than protests)
  • EE "It wasn't the best way to do it, but they wanted something and we didn't put it in the plan."
  • TP "We had a fair vote and they tried to run down time and stall and wanted a recount"
  • EP "We were trying to discuss rules, but people wouldn't listen"
  • EW "I think that people thought that we had to have chaos for it to be a "real" revolution"