Q1: How do you wish the process had gone?
  • BM - Wish it had been more quiet and peaceful.
  • BH It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be!
  • SA - We should have begun in a more organized way so that the end wasn't so chaotic.
  • Boys feel that there should have been a male and female leader to help facilitate that.
  • Girls feel that they tried that and boys weren't receptive to that in the beginning.
  • There was confusion as to who was doing what and people didn't agree. (unknkown student)
  • SA - "There were no adults. So as a 7th grader they didn't want to listen to us"
  • OD - The girls said "we're the majority, we're still going to win"
  • LP - Each group has 2 leaders, but we had like 5 groups and it was too much
  • CF - We should have had someone leading the meeting, like morning meeting
  • MA - There was fighting for attention