The McCabe Family

Katie McCabe:

A thirteen-year-old rebel with a history of trying to run away from home. She is sent to live with relatives and is determined to cause as many problems there as she can.

Ron McCabe:

Katie’s father and the sheriff of a microscopic town. He was the youngest of seven brothers who spread the McCabe reputation far and wide. The hardest decision he ever had to make was the one to send Katie to live with his brother.

Charlie McCabe:

The oldest of the McCabe brothers, he runs a construction company and owns a small farm. Although a strict disciplinarian, Katie sees his softer side when she needs it most.

Matthew McCabe:

Charlie’s oldest son who reminds Katie of her own father. Quiet and hardworking like his dad and more serious than his brother, Matthew is always there when the girls need him.

Mark McCabe:

Resembling his father, Charlie, Mark has a kindred rebel spirit and likes to tease Katie, but he’s ready to do battle when someone does her harm.

Sarah McCabe:

The daughter of Shane McCabe, Sarah came to live with Uncle Charlie when her parent's store was failing eleven years ago. She helps Katie deal with all of the changes in her life.


Tom Wolff:

Katie’s best friend and partner in crime. Wherever trouble can be found, the two of them are together and she longs for the day when they can be together again.

Logan Cruz:

A sophomore and quarterback of the JV football team, Logan is Katie’s first friend in town, and wants to make sure he’s the best one.

Jim Baines:

A deputy police officer and Sarah’s boyfriend. He catches Katie when she is breaking the law.

Rusty Leonetti:

Bad boy image, reckless and a little dangerous, from Sarah’s past—she’s remained fond of him over the years. Sarah saw something in Rusty no one else did. Is he as bad as his reputation?

Sunny Li:

Katie doesn’t understand why Sunny doesn’t like her, but they put their differences aside to join together for a cause.

Becca Madison:

The school librarian, and Katie’s confidant. When Mark starts flirting with her, she isn’t pleased.


DL Dunn:

He owns the bank and most of the businesses in town and his son doesn’t let anyone forget it. DL isn't above using threats to get what he wants.

Harriet Dunn:

Sarah’s friend and employer, she owns a gift shop downtown. But she refuses to believe her son capable of any wrongdoing.

Denton Dunn, Jr:

A peer of Katie’s who takes pleasure in trying to make her angry. A contest of revenge develops between the two.

Emma Carter:

The only person at school who can stand Denton’s presence for any length of time. When Logan shows his interest in Katie, Emma conspires with Denton to frame Katie for something she didn’t do.

Cassie Kendall:

Lives at the center of her own universe. She makes Katie’s popularity her pet project, but is it because she wants to steal Katie’s boyfriend?