Book 4

How can you run from your troubles when you take them with you wherever you go?

Katie McCabe is certain she’s ruined the lives of her boyfriend, family, and friends, so she sneaks out of the house and heads down the road in search of the next bus stop.

When she gets to a big city, she’s afraid she won’t make it because she doesn’t know how to deal with the pimps, lunatics, and the fact that she doesn’t have the ID necessary to book a motel room.

A cute road worker comes to her rescue and gives her a safe place to stay off the street. As she tries to figure out her life and how she can stop hurting the people she cares about, she’s being stalked by a crazy man who wants to add Katie to his collection. After one brutal encounter, he finds her again while she is lost in the city and desperate to make it to safety.