Praise for 7th Grade Revolution

“Gr 5-8. A fun ride that combines treasure hunting, quick thinking, Revolutionary-era U.S. history, and teamwork … reads like a National Treasure and Spy Kids movie combined. It has twists and turns. One of the novel’s huge strengths is the kids banding together; in addition, each character has the opportunity to show individual skills and to grow as a person … Suggested for general purchase for middle school collections, especially for adventure-loving patrons.”
~Melyssa Kenney, School Library Journal

7th Grade Revolution is a thrilling and engrossing ride through past and present based on real events in North Carolina. Though technically a middle grade book, I feel readers of all ages will enjoy this novel. Trust me, you won’t want to put it down.”
~Tracy Riva, Midwest Book Review

So, I arrived home earlier today to find your book on my front porch and I have just come up for air, realizing that I haven’t even eaten since I picked it up. (It’s 11:00) I don’t even know where to begin. Should I start with the dedication that brought me to tears? The first time I saw my name as the teacher and I gasped? (I really had forgotten that you had said you would use my name!) The fact that the beginning of the book is so very reminiscent of the real thing? The illustration toward the end when I saw myself? All of those things were beyond my expectations, but I what I really want to say is that the book held me captive from beginning to end. You captured the middle school mind perfectly, showing their insecurities as well as the amazing strength that is just below the surface. Bravo! It is a wonderful book and I can see it being used during a study of government as a class read. The illustrator is also superb. I could go on and on. (I also am really amazed at how you captured me as a teacher … how did you do that?) So thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved every part of this book and I am so very proud, as I said earlier, to have had any part in it.
~ Karen Rectanus, Exploris Middle School

“… a stunning new Middle Grade novel that is part historical fiction, part action adventure mystery, and all around fun. Featuring a cast of wacky, interesting kids I was hooked on page one and enjoyed every twist and turn of the creative plot. Gardner is a writer to watch.”
~Dan Elish, Award-Winning Author of BORN TOO SHORT: The Confessions of an Eighth-Grade Basket Case

“… an exciting, smartly written book filled with adventure, intrigue, and history in a modern school setting. Luke Spooner’s accompanying art is simply spot on. I can’t wait for my daughter to read this, and there’s no higher compliment than that.”
~Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of Little Dead Red

Emmy presenters awarding best writing stated that writers have an obligation to bring their readers along on the emotional journey that the characters experience. Liana Gardner has done just that in 7th Grade Revolution. Published by Vesuvian Books the story is based on true events. It’s a mystery with historical aspects. Geared for nine to 12 year olds, it is nevertheless a story that many – even adults – can enjoy. ~ Serita Stevens, award-winning writer of books, scripts, adaptations and writing teacher. Published in Splash Magazine
This was a wonderful story. I reconnected with my childhood. It was very difficult to put down. If you like stories with adventure and mystery, you will absolutely love this.~ Tess Burnside, Author
7th Grade Revolution is a fantastic middle-grade book. This book has memorable characters, both main and secondary, as well as a plot that will keep you on your toes. I plan on getting this book for my almost 10-year-old. ~ NetGalley Reviewer
Amazing plot! A school with a revolution getting under way! I loved the way the author came up with using 7th graders for this story!! ~ NetGalley Reviewer